With a European recognized identity, you as a consumer can identify yourself in a safe way.

Providers of MaaS services are looking with great interest for possibilities to identify international customers in a safe and reliable way. In 2025, 1 or more national wallets and European-recognised wallets from other countries can be used in the Netherlands. This allows citizens to use their source identity and associated data and documents to do business digitally with government and entrepreneurs. 

For example, you can think of rental companies of cars or shared scooters that have a driving license uploaded every time or want to see a bank guarantee via an iDeal transaction. With a European recognized identity, you as a consumer can identify yourself in a safe way. This is the ambition of both the kabinet as the draft Regulation EDI (European Digital Identity) for which the European Commission a proposal has submitted. It is the next step towards a digital free movement of people and their data in the Netherlands and the EU. Reliable, safe, transparent and with respect for privacy.

Software companies and providers of MaaS services can participate in the discussion and work on solutions for the use of a digital wallet. On 3 June 2021, the European Commission presented a proposal for a revision of the 2014 eIDAS regulation. It states that each Member State must develop an electronic identity (eID) and at least 1 digital wallet (wallet) that is valid throughout Europe. The proposal has not yet entered into force: first all member states must determine their position, after which negotiations will take place in the Council of the EU on the exact interpretation.

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Program EDI System NL

To achieve this, a system for European digital identity must be set up in the Netherlands. The EDI System NL Program of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is now taking the first steps in this regard. Much remains to be done, but one thing is certain: the system will be set up on the basis of an open attitude and as much co-creation as possible.

“People who do not want an eID and/or wallet will have to be able to use the services in the public domain in a good, analogous way. That's what I stand for.”

Raymond Knops - (CDA)

If you don't want to use the wallet, you don't have to. The new technology must comply with existing privacy and cybersecurity laws. For example, personal data from the wallet may only be used for the purpose for which it was requested. The wallet also receives a cybersecurity certificate.

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"A safe, inclusive and promising digital society. That is the ambition of the government's digitization policy. Public values ​​and users are central to this."

capabilities to identify international customers in a safe and reliable way

On Monday 30 May and Tuesday 31 May, the EDI System NL Program organizes 2 Meet Ups: an offline and an online meeting. These are the first in a series on the subject. During the Meet Ups we will talk to (software) suppliers, developers, implementers, policy makers, citizens (representatives) and other parties who are or want to be involved in the design of the EDI System in the Netherlands.

Meet Up Offline: Monday, May 30, 14:00 p.m. – 16:00 p.m. Location: The Hague Tech† There are 40 places available for this meeting. Meet Up Online: Tuesday May 31, 14:00 – 16:00. There is no maximum number of participants for this meeting. In these first meetings you will hear more about the EDI System NL Programme, insights and ideas will be collected and participants will discuss how the task can be achieved in the Netherlands.

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