We are going in the right direction again, the summer months are approaching. Fortunately, we don't hear much about corona anymore and we can look forward to a well-deserved holiday in the summer. Now only hope that the problems with the queues at Schiphol will be solved as soon as possible. What about the corona pass, do you still need it abroad or is it no longer necessary?

The Ministry of Health recently announced that the mask obligation at Dutch airports has been canceled. There are international guidelines for wearing face masks at airports and on airplanes. These are drawn up by the European Aviation Authority (EASA). But each country decides for itself how they deal with those guidelines and which corona rules apply in that country. As a result, the rules at airports and on airplanes are not the same everywhere, so it may be that different rules apply abroad. It is also possible that you have to wear a mouth cap on the plane with one airline and not with another.

In which countries are you currently welcome without a corona pass? You are according to the ANWB Travel Guide welcome to Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Norway, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland. From 1 June you can also travel to Italy without a corona pass. If you want to travel to Germany, you will need a corona pass until June 1. For travel to, for example, France, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Morocco, you currently still need a corona pass. Of course, we all hope that corona will no longer have an impact on our society in the future and that the corona pass will eventually be abolished again. The big question remains, of course, will the corona infections increase enormously towards the autumn and will we be back to square one?

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In which countries are you currently welcome without a corona passport?
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