It can be that simple, you don't even need to install a taximeter.

Taxi companies in Flanders immediately comply with the registration obligation with Chiron by using the cheaper Pitane Compact. The fully integrated Chiron handling is completely taken over by the Eindhoven software company Censys BV, which means guidance and registration of the application. Chiron is the central journey database for individually paid passenger transport of the Flemish government.

Pitane Compact was developed for the independent taxi driver and provides an online system and Pitane Driver App for managing all taxi rides. All data of bookings, customers, drivers are stored securely and comply with the GDPR legislation. The driver also saves on printing and thus protects the environment, because the ride receipt is automatically sent to the customer by email afterwards.


The legislation on vehicle rental services with a driver only applies to vehicles that are suitable for transporting up to nine people, including the driver. Companies, travel agencies, health insurance funds, etc. can also use a vehicle rental service with a driver if they conclude a framework agreement with a transport company to transport, among other things, their customers, visitors, members. The obligation to forward journey data to Chiron, the central database of the Flemish Government, applies to all journeys made with vehicles under an IBP license (individual paid passenger transport) from 1 January 2020.

Pitane Compact is delivered to the taxi driver within 3 to 5 working days after receipt of the necessary information and can be canceled monthly, you pay in advance for the period of use. With the Pitane Driver driver application, you can easily log in with your online account and start your shift via the application. 
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