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The Summer Holiday has started again in our country, the Midden region went on holiday last Friday. The North and South regions will soon also have their summer holidays. Many Dutch people have already left or are going on holiday again one of these days with the car, caravan or folding trailer. To ensure that you are well prepared for your holiday, the ANWB will soon hold a free roadside assistance holiday check at the border crossing at the Hazeldonk car park on the A16. This holiday check is held every year by the ANWB, so that holidaymakers can travel safely.

Holidaymakers can have their car checked here at 23 essential points. These are points such as dashboard signalling, horn, suspension, engine oil level and much more. We also look at the weight, tires and load of your caravan. It is very important that your car, caravan or trailer tent is in order before you leave. Autotaalglas is present to check your windshield for stars and also cleans your windshield at the same time. Kwikfit checks your tires and so you are well prepared to go on holiday. Good preparation reduces the risk of accidents and you avoid an expensive fine along the way. the free ANWB roadside assistance holiday check will be held on Saturday 23 July 2022 in the morning from 07:00-12:00.

Also remember that each country has different rules regarding the mandatory items in the car. For example, in many countries you are required to bring a first aid kit or warning triangle. Check in advance what the situation is at your destination and avoid unnecessary delays or fines across the border. Also, if you are going on holiday with an electric car, find out in advance where you can charge and which charging card you need. Both the names of the fuels and the color on the fuel column can differ quite a bit abroad from what you are used to in the Netherlands. Before you know it you are filling up with the wrong fuel, make sure you find out what your fuel is called abroad and prevent yourself from filling up the wrong fuel. If possible, order your vignettes or environmental sticker in advance, so you don't have to buy them at the highway border crossing.   

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