BOVAG and ANWB are not yet joining the umbrella of driving school organizations in the making. BOVAG, ANWB and five other organizations have been working on this umbrella for a year now. However, ANWB and BOVAG do not agree with the proposed working method and decision-making of the umbrella organization and lack quality requirements for affiliated organizations and their members. ANWB and BOVAG continue to focus on the widest possible umbrella that can further boost quality and professionalism in the sector. Preferably with fresh eyes and independent directors. At the moment that doesn't seem possible. Until that is successful, ANWB and BOVAG will act together as a professional and independent discussion partner for external parties such as CBR and ministries.   

More than a year ago, various interest representatives in the driving school sector started a collaboration. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management wanted to reduce the number of parties with which consultations are held about the driving school sector. In recent months, seven organisations, including ANWB and BOVAG, have held intensive consultations about setting up an umbrella.

However, the draft statutes of this umbrella that are now before us, the inadequate reporting and the faulty elaboration of agreements are of such a nature that we cannot yet speak of a professional organization. And that is what ANWB and BOVAG are aiming for. In a letter dated 19 July, BOVAG and ANWB once again asked the ad interim chairman of the io umbrella organization Jos Vaessen to include a number of basic hygiene conditions and quality requirements in the statutes, which are appropriate for a professional advocacy organisation. Think of: 

  • The appointment of an independent chairman and secretary;
  • Good agreements about decision-making;
  • Minimum quality requirements for the organizations in the umbrella and for their members;
  • A budget to be determined in advance from the umbrella organization, so that finances do not have to be a source of dispute in any case.  
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The five other organizations rejected the conditions and wishes of BOVAG and ANWB in a meeting on 26 July. ANWB and BOVAG have subsequently decided not to participate in the umbrella organization for the time being 

Because ANWB | ARO and BOVAG work together, the number of contact points for the Ministry and CBR in this sector is nevertheless limited to two parties for now. together will BOVAG and ANWB will continue to defend the interests of their supporters in the future and for the necessary leap in quality and further professionalization of the sector. 

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