The TOMP working group is an international group and has members in many countries within and outside Europe. While following the TOMP working group, we also pay attention to the active members. After her visit to the very first International Mobility Data Summit in Canada in Montreal, where many stakeholders were able to work together on a shared vision to solve complex problems related to standardization of data,

accelerates the creation and adoption of transit specifications such as GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) and shared mobility specifications such as GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification). in producing and using specifications by developing data quality tools, such as the GTFS Schedule Validator, and collaboration tools such as the Mobility Database.

Tu Tho Thai

Point d'Ecoute

Tu-Tho Thai is co-founder and president of Point d'Ecoute, an association of volunteers who assist all French citizens and their families permanently residing in France. The main actions are the fight against the digital divide and the language barrier to complete administrative procedures, and the fight against the insecurity of the French community abroad in collaboration with the consular post.

Ghent 'the place to be'

For the past two years, the TOMP working group meetings have been forced to be held online via Teams, but that is now changing. At the initiative of Tjalle Groen, project director for part of the mobility at Mpact vzw, a suitable date was sought to bring members of the working groups together. When looking for a suitable location within Europe, the Flemish city of Ghent (Belgium) was chosen as the central point within Europe. The sympathetic and hospitable inhabitants of Ghent know what good living is and welcome the TOMP working group on Friday, September 2, 2022.

During the TOMP working group meeting in Ghent, in addition to Tu-To Thai (MobilityData), you will also find initiator Tjalle Groen (Mpact) – Jef Heyse (Mobinck) – Christian Cagnol (Axway) – Daniel Matias Ferrer (Cargoroo) – Paul Theyskens (Imec ) – Edwin van den Belt (Dat.mobility) – Ross Curzon-Butler (IDBT) – Bon Bakermans (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management) and Gerrit Saey (Pitane) at the meeting at Koningin Maria Hendrikaplein.

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