The underpass connects the recently constructed Dirk Noordhoflaan with the roundabout on Mispelhoefstraat.

Due to the tunnel works, fewer lanes will be available on the A28/N22 from 2 July to 2 August. The lanes have also shifted and are narrower. As a result, a lower maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour applies. This causes serious traffic disruption. The A2/N2 is therefore not completely closed, but the extra travel time can be up to 60 minutes during busy periods. This applies to the A2/N2 Eindhoven ring road between the Batadorp and Leenderheide interchanges, in both directions. All diversion routes are signposted on site.

In order to improve the accessibility of the region and business parks and to reduce traffic jams, the municipality is working on the road structure in Eindhoven Northwest. Part of this is a new tunnel under the A2/N2, near the GDC Acht business park. The tunnel under the A2/N2 is part of the third and final phase of the road structure in Eindhoven Northwest. Eindhoven is the heart of Brainport Eindhoven, one of the pillars of the Dutch economy. The city is growing fast and more and more people are coming to live, work and stay. 

Eindhoven Northwest is one of those locations where many more jobs will be created. This also poses challenges in the field of mobility. Expanding the road network should ensure that traffic does not get stuck and that the region remains accessible. In addition, other measures are also being taken, such as agreements with employers about other modes of transport such as bicycles, public transport, etc.

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The location of the new tunnel on the A2/N2.

This underpass connects Dirk Noordhoflaan with the roundabout on Mispelhoefstraat. The new underpass allows traffic to flow better and improves accessibility to, among others, Eindhoven Airport, Brainport Industries Campus (BIC), Westfields and Flight Forum on the west side and the Goods Distribution Center (GDC) Eindhoven-Acht on the east side. The underpass also reduces the risk of traffic jams on the A2/N2 and the roads that connect to it. Finally, there will be a better connection with the slip roads of the A58 in Best. Work started in 2021 and will be completed by 2023 at the latest.

Advice for through traffic

Through traffic (traffic that does not have to be in Eindhoven) is advised to travel via the A73 and A16 (see the map) and not via Randweg Eindhoven.

Advice for destination traffic

For destination traffic (traffic with destination Eindhoven), the advice applies to travel at quiet times as much as possible, or to opt for alternative transport. Keep an eye on the current traffic information and travel well prepared.   

Accessibility exits 29 to 32 (from Den Bosch and Nijmegen)

Traffic from 's-Hertogenbosch and Nijmegen cannot use exits 29 to 32 from junction Batadorp. These are the exits: Eindhoven-Airport, Centrum, Meerhoven, Veldhoven and Veldhoven-Zuid. The Eindhoven Airport access to the A2 towards 's-Hertogenbosch, Nijmegen and Tilburg will also be closed for the entire period. The Dirk Noordhoflaan is also closed between the Oirschotsedijk and the Spottersweg. Traffic is being diverted on the spot.

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View the current travel information

Before you leave, check the current travel information via the website of Rijkswaterstaat and the website FromAtoBetter

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Through traffic is advised to travel via the A73 and A16.
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