Claims must be settled within six weeks and then the money must be deposited within two weeks.

Like Schiphol, Eindhoven Airport will financially compensate travelers who missed their flight because of the long waiting times. The scheme came about after talks with the Consumers' Association and Omroep Max, which paid attention to the problems through the Max holiday man program. This concerns travelers who arrived late to their aircraft between May 23 and August 11 due to crowds at the airport. 

After the broadcast of MAX vacation man of 25 July 2022, in which the MAX Ombudsman announced that he would start a trial lawsuit against Schiphol together with Els Doornhein of De Vos & Partners Advocaten, Schiphol had previously also decided to accommodate people who missed their flights as a result of long queues at security. They queued for hours due to staff shortages at security.

“MAX stands up for the interests of consumers and its members in particular. That is what we stand for as a broadcaster. We also took action in response to the problems at Schiphol, and this arrangement was established in close consultation with all those involved. I am proud of the result.”

Jan Slagter, director Omroep MAX

Travelers could not claim the extra costs that were the result of missing their flight. Both airports now reimburse the extra costs for, for example, rebooking flights, for overnight stays, new airline tickets or accommodations that could no longer be cancelled. Costs covered by the airline or travel insurance – such as canceled flights – will not be reimbursed by the airport. 

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Travelers can request compensation for costs incurred for rebooking a flight or for a replacement flight, for alternative transport if they have had to travel to a destination in a different way or for extra travel costs incurred to return to Eindhoven Airport or to travel to another airport.   

They queued for hours due to staff shortages at security.

“I am pleased that Schiphol is taking its responsibility towards the consumer. We are proud that we have been able to contribute to this solution with our campaign'. The trial process is now over, because people are being compensated.”

Jeanine Janssen from MAX Ombudsman
Travelers provide proof that they arrived at an airport on time.

Travelers provide proof that they arrived at an airport on time. This can be the PIN transaction for the sausage roll, a parking ticket showing the time, photos, a bus trip to the airport, coffee receipts or WhatsApp messages with a time indication.


People who want to submit their claim to Schiphol can submit it via form. This is possible until September 30, 2022. The aim is to provide people with a decision within 6 weeks of registration, so that the money can be paid out within 2 weeks. People who have reported to MAX with their complaint will receive a letter with further information on Monday, August 15, 2022. The exact arrangement is here to find.

Travelers who wish to submit a compensation request to Eindhoven Airport can download a form via Eindhoven Airport will assess incoming requests based on the conditions that have been drawn up. Travelers who have already submitted a compensation request to Eindhoven Airport do not have to do it again. They will receive a message from Eindhoven Airport about their request. 

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