disappointing first free practice can't spoil the fun.

Sporting director Jan Lammers (66) radiates it during his speech at the Dutch Grand Prix. The world's most versatile racing driver Lammers knows that he will have to wait for the reviews on Monday, but is already proud of the way in which all problems in the run-up to the Dutch Grand Prix are solved.

A lot has to be arranged outside the circuit as well. A bus that has to be towed because it failed and ensure that there are next shuttle buses between the center and the circuit. It's just a few logistical tasks that stand out. A thumbs up to the many volunteers and traffic controllers who keep everything running smoothly.

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full stands at Max Verstappen's first free practice

"Because of this spread, it is possible to do well with traffic and the train. It looks like the program is also working at full capacity."

Jan Lammers notices that the organization is once again able to live up to expectations. Cars are not welcome in Zandvoort and in addition to the many thousands of bicycles and scooters, NS arranges the transport capacity between Amsterdam Central and Zandvoort. The train commutes every five minutes, providing a transport capacity of 10.000 passengers per hour. “This spread makes it possible to do well with traffic and the train,” says Lammers.

taximeter superfluous

A taxi driver tells us that his license to drive within the area has cost EUR 500 to the municipality. Enough money, but the stickers on his window bring in enough. Amounts between 20 and 40 EUR are requested to bridge the road between the circuit and the center. A striking detail is the non-activated taxi meter, which ticks even better for the taxi driver. If that meter would run, the amount would be much lower.

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Circuit Zandvoort - Dutch Grand Prix
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