People have come to the circuit in large numbers with sustainable means of transport.

Busy days for sports reporters and journalists. After Max Verstappen's victory, it remained a pleasant orange party on the circuit for a long time. As thousands of race fans and the Orange Legion made their way to the exit of the circuit, and then walked in a large orange ribbon to the station, it became a monster job for the traffic wardens to get all the taxis, buses, scooters and bicycles out of the tiny village. to pilot. And they can be proud!

NS speaks of a problem-free weekend and has brought more than 120.000 race fans to Zandvoort by train prior to the race. NS had prepared everything as well as possible together with ProRail. This weekend, for example, extra breakdown teams, a towing locomotive and a reserve train with personnel were ready to quickly resolve disruptions. This has ensured that -despite a few disruptions- most F1 travelers have experienced little inconvenience. Until 22.00 p.m. Sunday evening, twelve trains per hour continued to run at Zandvoort to transport fans home. After that, there were six per hour and from 22.00 p.m. the closed roads to the seaside resort were opened to all traffic.

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People have come to the circuit in large numbers with sustainable means of transport.

mobility plan

More than 40.000 visitors got on their bikes to watch their hero race. According to the organization, 42 percent of the fans came by public transport and no less than 37 percent took the bicycle. Another 10 percent went by coach. Just like last year, the two roads leading to Zandvoort (N200 and N201) were closed to cars and motorcycles. That was not for residents, by the way. They were given a so-called pass-through permit, which enabled them to pass the roadblocks. 

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"I am pleased that the mobility plan is working. People have come to the circuit in large numbers with sustainable means of transport. Orange is also green in our opinion. The focus on sustainability is very important to us, we would like to be a frontrunner in this."

Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix director Robert van Overdijk

Anyone who had rented a bicycle to make the trip between Bloemendaal aan Zee and Zandvoort was disappointed. Cycling was not allowed on a large part of the boulevard. It was not clear to everyone where you can and cannot cycle.

security issue

There was also a critical note about NS. Zandvoort was given priority in train traffic and trains did not stop at stations of other major events. Formula 1 fans did receive trains on Saturday, but football and music fans did not. The NS skipped no fewer than four stations on Saturday between 14.15 pm and 20.30 pm. It concerned Bijlmer Arena, Holendrecht and part of Duivendrecht station. For Ajax fans and visitors to concert halls such as the Ziggodome, their own transport or the much smaller metros of the Amsterdam transport company GVB was the only solution.

In addition to the problem this weekend at Bijlmer Arena, the organizers of the Elrow Town festival, near Alkmaar, were told by the NS that it would not be possible to deploy extra trains for their festival. Organizers increasingly have to ensure a good mobility plan themselves. For NS it is mainly a safety issue in making the choice.

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Nightwish singer Floor Jansen was accompanied by the Royal Air Force Orchestra.

proud of orange

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About 2,1 million people turned up for the Dutch Grand Prix on Sunday afternoon at 14.45:XNUMX pm. Nightwish singer Floor Jansen was accompanied by the Royal Air Force Orchestra and performed the Dutch national anthem on the track and in the living rooms. The composition of the national anthem was tuned on Sunday to the voice of the Dutch soprano. It evoked mixed feelings on social media. There is nothing wrong with her voice, but some thought this version was a mockery that sounded like an inverted tricolor.

De Dutch Grand Prix, which was visited by a total of 305.000 spectators over three days, went without major incidents. On Saturday, qualifying was briefly interrupted, because a spectator had thrown an orange smoke bomb on the asphalt. More importantly, the seaside resort of Zandvoort is definitely on the map for all Formula 1 fans worldwide. Now quickly get to work to demolish the run-down flats and shops behind the Boulevard, if only for the sight of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the seaside resort.

And gone is Verstappen. On the way to the next GP in Italy and the legendary Autodromo Nazionale Monza.

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