In the coming months, the City of Ghent will replace the approximately 100 digital signs that indicate how many free parking spaces there are still in the underground car parks. It will be replaced by 50 new, smarter and strategically placed models, which will also lead drivers to park-and-rides, among other things.

The current signs need to be renewed, not only because many traffic situations have changed, but also because they still work via radio communication, with a transmitter on the belfry. An update often doesn't show up on the board until 10 minutes later. The new, modern copies work via the internet and receive an update within a minute. They are also easier to read thanks to the new LED lights. Finally, the new signs can also indicate travel times, alternative routes or information about works or events.

thoughtful locations

The new signs are also placed more thoughtfully. For example, a number of copies will be built around the R4 to direct more traffic to the park-and-rides, which should help relieve the city's congestion. Within the city ring, the signs guide drivers via suitable approach routes in a well-considered way to a parking space in one of these four zones: Korenmarkt zone, Vrijdagmarkt zone, Zuid-Reep zone or Veldstraat zone. This should help reduce queues at car parks and limit nuisance for residents.

With the new signs, traffic can be better controlled. Motorists are guided to the desired and available car parks. This way we avoid search traffic. We also want to solve the traffic jams at the entrance to the car parks, which hinder the flow of public transport. The signs are very flexible, we can post messages for all road users.

Visitors can also prepare their own journey via the traffic information platform There they will find the current parking occupancy of almost all underground car parks, park-and-rides and bicycle sheds.

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The City of Ghent will replace the approximately 100 digital signs in the coming months
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