The 2023 timetable for public transport in Utrecht, which will take effect on December 11, 2022, offers travelers important advantages. For example, residents in Vijfheerenlanden will once again have a regular bus line to Ameide in the evenings, residents in Wilnis and Mijdrecht can count on a faster route to Breukelen and Amsterdam Zuidoost by public transport, and if there are enough staff, night buses will run again in the province of Utrecht. . The province of Utrecht will also ensure that public transport remains up to standard in 2023 and will allocate an extra 50 million euros to maintain the public transport network. With this they want to welcome as many travelers as possible on the tram and bus. This means that, as a rule, the buses and trams continue to run as often and as much as possible on the same route.

This is apparent from the transport plans of U-OV and Syntus Utrecht for the 2023 timetable, which are published by the executive board of the province of Utrecht have been established. Public transport in the province of Utrecht is slowly but surely climbing out of a deep valley. Now that there are no more restrictions due to corona, more and more travelers are returning. But it will take some time before the occupation of the buses and trams is back to the original level. Expansion of the range of rides cannot be paid for at the moment. The province of Utrecht does want to maintain the current service level and respond as flexibly as possible to the needs and offer of travelers.

With these starting points in mind, carriers U-OV and Syntus Utrecht made proposals this spring for urban and regional public transport in 2023. On some lines, the proposal was to adapt routes so that the traveler gets a shorter journey time. There were also proposals to make destinations more accessible by public transport. After consulting municipalities, interest group ROCOV and more than 1100 travelers who responded to the passenger survey, the provincial executive has decided to establish the final plans for the 2023 timetable. As a result of the consultation, it has been decided that the night buses will run again next year if there are sufficient staff. Syntus's original proposal to have city lines 4 (Amersfoort CS – Kattenbroek) and 7 (Amersfoort CS – Amersfoort Vathorst NS) run on a modified route has been withdrawn. The timetable changes for 2023 can be found on the website of U-OV en Syntus Utrecht.

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