Due to the works, there will be no flights between September 19 and October 25.

Now that the tourist high season is over, work will start to replace the asphalt and to eliminate the difference in level between the track and the grass next to it. The foundations are being tackled, and the lighting is being replaced by modern LED lighting. Sunday evening September 18 at 23 p.m. Antwerp Airport closed for more than five weeks.

The renovation of the runway is necessary to continue to guarantee safe air traffic in the future. The works are being carried out on behalf of the LOM Vlaanderen, which is responsible for maintaining the basic infrastructure at Antwerp Airport. LOM Vlaanderen ensures that air traffic at the airport can continue to take place in a safe manner.

The planned works

The planned works aim to eliminate the difference in height at the transition between the runway and the runway strip (the zone around the runway). The risks of material damage if an aircraft were to leave the runway are thus limited as much as possible. In addition, the surfacing of the runway is being renovated. In this way, the LOM Vlaanderen prevents the runway from becoming unsafe in the long run.

The aim of the works is to extend the life of the pavement by repairing the damage that has manifested itself in recent years due to wear and tear and local subsidence. The last renovation works on the runway date back to the mid-90s, with the current renovation, LOM Vlaanderen ensures that the runway can remain operational for another 20 years.

From October 26, passengers are welcome again at Antwerp Airport.

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