As a taxi customer today you are a negotiator in a free market.

It continues to be careful with the prices of taxi companies. The inspector investigated the establishment of the rates and found that a ride from Drongen to Antwerp is almost twice as expensive as a ride from Antwerp to Drongen. This requires more explanation for the consumer, especially when the price of the outward journey is EUR 220 and the return is only EUR 95. The free market principle does ensure that you as a customer pay more at some times than in the past.  

Chairman of Pierre Steenberghen of the National Grouping for Taxi Companies knows that this is mainly a result of liberalization within the taxi sector and inspector Sven Pichal of the morning program on Radio 2 said in a statement that this is the result of taxi companies that now apply their own rates. . So it is a matter of supply and demand.

"If the prices are not posted in the vehicle, the taxi company must announce the price in advance via an app or SMS"

Pierre Steenberghen - National Grouping for Taxi Companies

About half of the taxi companies have already switched to the new rules. Once a taxi company has entered the new system, it is free to determine the rates itself. However, the customer must be informed prior to the ride. It used to be clear: whether you called taxi company A or B in a city, you paid the same amount for a ride. But since the taxi reform of 2020, there are no more certainties.

The main cause of the divergent fares lies with the taxi reform of 2020.”The legislation stipulates that street taxis no longer have to use fixed rates”, says Steenberghen. “From now on, each taxi can set its own price, according to the principles of the free market. Because price agreements are not allowed, you will get differences."

transition phase

All old permits will have expired by the end of 2024 at the latest. Drivers who drive according to the new rules are closely monitored by the government. The Government of Flanders, for example, knows via the Chiron system where and the taxi is at any time, whether a customer is on board and how much he is paying. “The system is even whiter than the white cash register”, says Steenberghen. As a taxi customer today you are a negotiator in a free market.

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As a taxi customer today you are a negotiator in a free market.
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