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In December 2021, and Cyclone reached an agreement on a majority stake of in Cyclone. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets approved this strategic partnership in May, after which the transaction was completed. Cyclone and want to make delivery cleaner and more social. By working together, the companies accelerate this ambition. Delivery with cargo bikes is emission-free and keeps residential areas safe. Cycloon's deliverers make the difference in this. Powered by 'brown sandwiches', they deliver parcels throughout the Netherlands. Hundreds of people with a (former) distance from the labor market are employed at the company. In twenty years Cycloon has grown into the largest sustainable and social bicycle network in the world. 

Cyclone-red and 

Cycloon is active in more than sixty cities in the Netherlands and that number continues to grow. The collaboration between Cycloon and is visually enhanced because both brands are visible on some of the cargo bikes. The logos on this are white, and the Cyclone red and the blue ensure a great recognition in the streets. Cycloon has also developed a completely new house style at the same time, because Cycloon will also continue to exist as an independent brand on, for example, cargo bikes, clothing and other expressions. This new house style can of course also be seen on the part of the cargo bikes that bears both the Cycloon and brand colours.  

About Cyclone
Cyclone, is the leader in green and social delivery. Cycloon's mission is to set the delivery market in motion, so that it becomes greener and more social. Based on this mission, Cycloon took the initiative in 2016 to set up a national bicycle courier network and now delivers to more than 60 cities. For example, a nationwide parcel service with about 950 bicycle couriers became a reality. In addition, Cycloon employs 650 mail deliverers with a (former) distance from the labor market.

About was founded in the Netherlands in 1999 from a construction site in Vianen. was the first online bookstore in Europe. More than 20 years later, is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in Belgium and the Netherlands with an assortment of more than 47 million articles in dozens of product categories, with a focus on non-food. always wants to offer its customers convenience, reliability and choice, wherever and whenever. The platform does this together with 50.000 local entrepreneurs who sell to 13 million Dutch and Belgian customers via believes in the power of collaboration, because only together with sales partners can offer its customers the best shopping (experience). As a 'shop for all of us', everyone should be able to go to wants to do better every day: from packaging and delivery as economically as possible to using 100 percent wind and solar energy in the buildings. wants to make more sustainable living easier, together with a network of suppliers, sales partners, colleagues and millions of customers. With the sustainable range, wants to help customers make a conscious choice and the platform wants to reduce the CO2 emissions per package as much as possible. The remaining emissions are offset. For the 50.000 sales partners who sell via the platform, also compensates for operational emissions. From 2022 climate neutral according to the Climate Neutral Certification standard, according to the web store.

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