Start-up Eviation has successfully completed the maiden flight of its zero-emission Alice aircraft, a historic day and important milestone in electric aviation. Alice recently took off from Grant County International Airport (MWH) in the US and flew for 8 minutes at an altitude of 3.500 feet. This groundbreaking flight provided Eviation with invaluable data to further optimize the aircraft for commercial production.

Fully electric aircraft will make regional travel more economical and environmentally friendly for businesses and consumers. This new generation of aircraft has the power to transform communities by providing access to airports currently not used by commercial flights due to noise or limited hours.

With Alice, Eviation focuses on commuter and freight markets and aims to operate flights ranging from 150 miles to 250 miles. Cape Air and Global Crossing Airlines, both US-based regional airlines, have placed orders for 75 and 50 Alice aircraft. DHL Express is Eviation's first freighter with an order for 12 Alice eCargo aircraft. With this commitment, DHL aims to establish the first electric express network, thus embarking on a new era of zero-emission air freight.

Alice is available in three variants, including a nine-passenger commuter, an elegant and sophisticated six-passenger executive cabin and an eCargo version. All configurations support two crew members. The executive cabin and eCargo variants are identical to the commuter configuration, except for the interior Evasion.

Photo above: Image bank Eviation.

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