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“We had to wait two hours on the plane. People almost fainted because of the heat.”

Eindhoven Airport has a problem with the baggage system. This means that the handling agent has a lot of extra work, which means that there is a delay in handling arriving flights. “Unfortunately, passengers had to wait longer to get off. We are working hard on a solution," the airport said on social media. 

We are working hard on an emergency system for the malfunction in the baggage system that occurred on Saturday. As a result, according to the airport, there was a delay in disembarking for arriving travelers. On Twitter, some travelers described the situation as "a mess". Passengers had to wait a long time in the plane before they could leave the plane. 

"Stuck here in the plane for over an hour, without water or food. The toilets are also starting to smell quite bad. We are number 3 in line and have no idea how long it will take."

What has to do with the baggage handling is the question. Even when the luggage is not available, can passengers, including parents with babies and small children, wait in the terminal? The disruption has an impact on the flight schedule, so watch out for who has to be at the airport on Sunday. The boys and girls from the baggage department are working hard, but they also have to deal with the angry passengers. 

Eindhoven Airport says it is working hard on an emergency system, but there is not yet one. It is not known exactly what the consequences of this will be for today. “Arrival flights are handled on a first-come-first-served basis. The malfunction in the baggage system has consequences for its speed," a spokesperson for the airport tweeted.

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The airport advises travelers the website and contact their airline if you have any questions. Yet on Sunday morning nothing could be found on the website of the airports about the entire incident and the question is what is going wrong at the airport today? It also affects departing travelers.

Eindhoven Airport announced via Twitter on Sunday morning that the baggage system is operational again. The error has been resolved. There were 3 additional departing flights that were unable to depart yesterday due to the disruption.

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