Rotterdam 50Plus party already wants to start tendering for a new contract.

The Rotterdam city council met to discuss the problems with student and target group transport by Trevvel. Party chairman Ellen Verkoelen submitted a motion to force Trevvel to work with subcontractors and transport providers to bring and maintain the service level as soon as possible before 1 November. 

Trevvel Together

With the motion, the political party wanted to get Trevvel's restrictions limited. Transport of the elderly is of vital importance to the party in order to prevent loneliness from occurring for the increasingly less mobile elderly. The college had previously decided that limiting the transport of the elderly solution would be to get children to school and back home on time.

Restricting the freedom of movement of the elderly by minimizing the activities of Trevvel Samen is unacceptable to the party. Ellen Coolen (50PLUS) tweeted in response to the rejection of the motion to find it unimaginable that Leefbaar, Trevvel's major opponent, now wants to silence 50PLUS because its own alderman wants and instructs them to do so.

"Not chic and thus Leefbaar carries its own basic principles, hard fought by Pim Fortuyn ten grave!"

Ellen Cooling - 50PLUS
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Trevvel Rotterdam - student transport

It was already known that the elderly party 50PLUS in Rotterdam no longer sees any benefit in the services of the transport company Trevvel. The party wants health alderman Struijvenberg to investigate how and whether the contract can be terminated early. In addition, councilor Ellen Verkoelen proposed to start the tender process for a new contract now and to come up with the basic principles for the new contract period in the short term – before the end of 2022. 

The fact that the motion was rejected during the council meeting of September 29, 2022 does not mean that Trevvel's problems have been solved, on the contrary.

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