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FNV has been asking the government to intervene for some time.

Deliveroo deliverers fall under the collective labor agreement for professional freight transport as employees and must therefore also be paid as employees. The Amsterdam District Court made that ruling today in the case that FNV has been conducting against the meal deliverer since 2018.

"Deliveroo continues to claim that the deliverers are not covered by the collective labor agreement, despite previous court and court rulings. Today's ruling concerns the manner in which the collective agreement is applied and will help with a rapid financial completion when we next year also be proven right in the Supreme Court."

The ruling concerns a group of twelve deliverers who were employed by Deliveroo before 2018. They demand a wage supplementary payment on the basis of the Collective Labor Agreement for Professional Goods. At the end of 2021, the court on appeal ruled that they fall under this collective labor agreement. 'It is very nice for this group that after so many years there is clarity. Some supplementary wages go back to 2016', says Dijkman.


FNV has been battling companies such as Deliveroo, Uber and Temper for years. According to Dijkman, Deliveroo says that their employees are self-employed, but in practice that turns out not to be true. The employees are indeed managed and have very little say over rates and conditions. As a result, they have to pay and arrange their own insurance, days off and pensions. But society is also missing out on money because companies now do not pay premiums for employee and national insurance schemes such as WIA and WW.

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FNV has been asking the government to intervene for some time. The DBA Act, which false self-employment has not been enforced by the government for years. We call on The Hague to act quickly, because the construction of companies such as Deliveroo, Uber and Temper is not good for the employees and not good for society as a whole, says Dijkman.

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