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Alderman Chris van Benschop could not say on Thursday how serious the situation was.

Switching quickly was the message. From 1 November, RMC Rotterdam will also take over student transport from MRC, which announced that it would stop the work in the Dordrecht region, among others. As a result, that transport is also secured for the Drechtsteden region after Amstelveen and Aalsmeer had previously transferred WMO transport to the Rotterdam carrier for the same reason. Stroomlijn, which provides this adapted transport, has succeeded in contracting a new carrier.

RMC, which will take over the transport from 1 November, wants to make the transition to RMC as smooth as possible. Agreements were also made for this with the Eindhoven software company Censys BV, one of the largest suppliers of planning software. That company currently arranges the automatic planning for group transport in a large part of the Drechtsteden region. 

RMC Passenger Transport - Photo: Amstelveen press release

However, not everything will be as usual in the Drechtsteden as of November 1. The entire transport sector in the Netherlands is under pressure and Stroomlijn BV has already sounded the alarm. The Drechthopper and the transport to day care locations have been experiencing more problems for several months due to a staff shortage in the transport sector. 

The demand is greater than the supply that can be supplied. That is why Stroomlijn BV considers it necessary to take measures as of 1 November. For example, by traveling outside rush hour and booking rides 24 hours in advance. Travelers were informed by letter about the Drecht and Wijkhopper transport and the current transport problems, the measures and what this means for them.

Drechtsteden - Drechthopper
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