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At almost 67%, Dutch young people increasingly choose to cycle with lights on.

At almost 67%, Dutch young people increasingly choose to cycle with lights on. To remind a third of young people under the age of 18 who still cycle without a light that they also switch on the bicycle lighting in these dark months and participate safely in traffic, the ANWB launched the annual 'Turn on your light!' campaign. started.

Cyclists are vulnerable in traffic, especially children and young people. Without light, cyclists are poorly visible to other road users and they run a greater risk of an accident. Ten years ago, more than half of young people rode their bicycles with lights on. Two thirds of young people now ride with bicycle lights. To remind children and young people to turn on their bicycle lights, tags that read 'Turn on your lights!' are put on the bike paths by a special tag team. With this campaign, the ANWB wants to point out the importance of good bicycle lighting.

The ANWB is calling on everyone to help out and a tag package 'Turn on your light!' can be picked up at one of the ANWB shops. The package contains templates and a spray can with spray chalk with which the tags can be put. The tag package can be used around schools, sports clubs or other crowded places.

Recently, the go-ahead was given in Tilburg by a team of ANWB volunteers that will set tags throughout the country in the coming weeks to draw attention to the bicycle lighting campaign. 1000 police stations in the Netherlands also support the action. The youth police officers set out in their own neighborhood to put tags on to remind local residents to turn on their lights. All Swapfiets locations and hundreds of primary schools will also be committed to the ANWB campaign in the coming weeks. The bicycle lighting campaign 'Turn on your light!' lasts until November 14, according to the ANWB.

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