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The RDW manages the driving license register and, together with the municipalities, is responsible for issuing all driving licences.

The Netherlands now has 11.626.069 driving licenses. At the end of 2021, that number was 11.068.639. The oldest holder of a driving license lives in South Holland and is 106 years old. By far the most driving licenses are available in the province of South Holland (2.332.571), followed by North Holland (1.825.300) and North Brabant (1.798.215). The map shows how the number of driving licenses is distributed across the Netherlands. This concerns the total of all driving license categories, such as for mopeds (AM), passenger cars (B), trucks (C) and tractors (T). The RDW manages the driving license register and, together with the municipalities, is responsible for issuing all driving licences.

All ages

The youngest driving license holders have a moped and/or tractor driving license and are 16 years old. For passenger cars, the youngest driver's license holders are 17 years old: these young people participate in the 2toDrive program, which involves driving with a coach to gain driving experience. The oldest Dutch person with a driver's license is 106 years old and comes from the province of South Holland. The second oldest of 104 lives in Limburg. Incidentally, this does not mean that they are still driving: after all, a valid driving license can also be used as proof of identity in the Netherlands. It does mean that they were medically approved no more than 5 years ago.

More and more digitally extended

The driving license can now also be renewed online at more than 70% of all municipalities. More and more people are also doing this: this year already 119.870 times, more than in 2021 (106.695) and 2020 (65.342). On RDW.nl you can see at which participating municipalities you can renew your driving license online.

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Number of driving licenses

  • The Netherlands 11.626.069
  • Drenthe 352.219
  • Friesland 447.222
  • Flevoland 273.311
  • Gelderland 1.454.938
  • Groningen 389.282
  • Limburg 773.452
  • North Brabant 1.798.215
  • North Holland 1.825.300
  • Overijssel 804.042
  • Utrecht 906.193
  • Zeeland 269.324
  • South Holland 2.332.571

Figures based on the driving license holders registered with RDW in the driving license register (Central Driving License Register), September 2022.

About the RDW

RDW stands for safety, sustainability and legal certainty in mobility. They are an approval and registration authority, supervisor and public service provider. Their tasks are about safety and durability of vehicles; from design on the drawing board to disassembly or export. Legal certainty and reliability are always the basis of their services. They do this every day with almost 1700 employees throughout the Netherlands.

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