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Swapfiets, founded in 2014 by three Delft students, will be introduced in Amsterdam in 2017 and the company now has more than 60.000 cycling members in the capital.

Swapfiets's blue front tires have been an integral part of Amsterdam's street scene since its launch in the city five years ago. Swapfiets, founded in 2014 by three Delft students, will be introduced in Amsterdam in 2017 and the company now has more than 60.000 cycling members in the capital. After the successful domestic growth of the world's first 'bike as a service' provider, Swapfiets successfully embarked on the path of internationalization. The iconic blue front tire is now also fully present in cities such as Berlin, Paris, Milan and London. To celebrate the milestone in Amsterdam, Suzanne Berings, General Manager Swapfiets Benelux presented a limited edition Power 7 e-Bike to Tjibbe Beerda.

How Swapfiets is turning more and more cities blue

Swapfiets was founded almost literally from the study benches by TU-Delft students Richard Burger, Dirk de Bruijn and Martijn Obers. After the start in Delft, the turning point had to come for further growth in the rest of the Netherlands. With the expansion to Amsterdam in 2017, a gigantic step was taken. Swapfiets has now been active in Amsterdam for five years, the company has more than 60.000 members and three stores in the capital. Initially, the bicycle membership was especially popular among students. In recent years Swapfiets has grown along with its target group. Where it started with the Original – a classic granny bike – the range now also includes a 'Deluxe' bike and two types of e-Bikes. The average age of the Amsterdam Swapfiets user also illustrates the shift in the membership base. The average age of Swapfiets members in Amsterdam is now 30 years.

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“Many of our members from the very beginning have continued to grow with us in recent years. Where we have matured in our range of luxury city bikes and e-Bikes, they now combine a career with a busy social life in large cities. For me, this milestone in Amsterdam illustrates the phase we are in as a company and is therefore also a moment to reflect on this.”

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Special edition Power 7 e-Bike, with unique design by the Amsterdam artist BUTTERFINGAZ (Dewy Elsinga).

Based on the mission to make a positive contribution to the quality of life in cities, Swapfiets is committed to a system change in the mobility industry. The popularity of Swapfiets in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands may also lead the way for a growing movement of European urban dwellers who use a bicycle instead of owning it. The sustainable impact of Swapfiets was confirmed this month with the renowned B Corp certification.

Limited Edition e-Bike

Swapfiets recently celebrated its five-year anniversary and growth in Amsterdam by swapping the Swapfiets of Tjibbe Beerda, a member of the very first hour, for a special edition Power 7 e-Bike. Tjibbe was the lucky winner after a raffle set up by Swapfiets. The electric bicycle, with a unique design by the Amsterdam artist BUTTERFINGAZ (Dewy Elsinga), is designed for the city and fits perfectly with Tjibbe's new phase of life and daily commute. Swap bike.

“As an Amsterdammer I made this bicycle for another Amsterdammer. In the design I show my favorite places in the city as I experience them myself on the bike. The shapes are also based on the plan of the canal belt, facades and the Amsterdam forest.”

Photo center and top: Swapfiets image bank.

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