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Not every charity is a good destination.

With a new board they made a new start in the spring. As of September 1, the move to a building of one of the CSR partners and now the bankruptcy. The Mobility for Everyone Foundation in Oosterhout (Noord-Brabant) was declared bankrupt by the court in Zeeland-West-Brabant on 09-11-2022. Efforts to keep the transport organization afloat ultimately came to nothing.

With more than 130 buses in the Netherlands, the MVI Foundation called itself the market leader and therefore able to make favorable agreements with national parties due to its scale. In addition, the Mobility for Everyone Foundation had its own office and field staff. With this they approach local entrepreneurs to also contribute to the costs of the bus.


Last spring, a new board was formed, consisting of Gwendolyn Boom as secretary and Bart van Enschot as chairman. Boom has been a councilor at the Municipality of Breda for many years and has worked as a project leader in care for the disabled. Bart van Enschot had experience as an interim manager in various management positions, as a business coach and has held various management positions.

One of the tasks for the new board was to take stock with the aim of assessing the situation on a financial and organizational level. The cooperation with the partners was also examined. The aim was to come up with a plan that could guarantee the continuity of the service. Unfortunately, the new board of MVI has filed for bankruptcy.

As a result of fraud by the management, this charity is bankrupt and disabled and elderly people wait in vain for their van.

The foundation also received negative publicity. Mobility for Everyone was discredited a few years ago when it turned out that two directors of the foundation had transferred more than 1 million euros to their own account. A whistleblower reported fraudulent practices to the police. In the affair conducted by research platform Follow the Money was widely measured, the main driver claimed the lead role. He turned out to be a gambler who had incurred a lot of debt. The lawsuit against is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023.

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Partly because of the fraud case that took place within the previous board, it was extremely difficult to keep the foundation afloat for the current board members, it now appears. Despite the fact that the foundation is bankrupt, Boom and Van Enschot hope that a way will be found to continue to transport the vulnerable group. Mobility for Everyone was founded in February 2014 by Edwin Kock, a former watchman in the Royal Netherlands Navy. The appointed curator is mr FMY Wertenbroek.

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