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Rover described the wishes in an extensive lobby letter to the House of Representatives.

Imagine: being able to board the bus and train with the same season ticket, also being able to take the train late in the evening without a long waiting time – even outside the Randstad conurbation – and money back in the event of a delay if a transfer to another train company is not made. These are a few examples as far as Rover is concerned, which must be enforced for the rail passenger in the new rail concession. And, a large part of the House of Representatives seems to agree.

The new contract with NS will take effect in 2024, allowing the company to continue operating on most of the track. The requirements for NS are again drawn up in this contract. Rover has already written an extensive article here together with the other consumer organizations in the Locov advice about. For example, Rover advocates more trains, and where possible every XNUMX minutes at every station, simple subscriptions for combining train/bus/tram/metro and more control of NS rates by the ministry. The railway must become more attractive with shorter waiting times and affordable prices so that more people want to choose the train.

Rover described the wishes in an extensive lobby letter to the House of Representatives. That a large part of the House of Representatives likes Rover's input, became clear during a debate on 1 and 2 November. A large number of political groups referred to the points raised by Rover in the debate. Almost all Rover wishes were eventually translated into no less than 50 motions calling on the State Secretary to tighten up the agreements with NS.

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It remains to be seen what the train passenger will ultimately notice after 2024. In the coming months, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will negotiate the new contract with NS. The decision is ultimately taken by the House of Representatives, so the Secretary of State will make the final decision to wish of the Chamber seriously. Once the negotiations have been completed, we can advise again on the proposal that is then on the table.

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