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The pilot aims to test whether the software is optimally geared to the needs of dial-a-bus users.

The pilot project for the Hoppin power station has started as part of the phased roll-out of basic accessibility: from 29 November, anyone who wants to reserve a dial-a-bus service in the dial-a-bus area of ​​Klein-Brabant (Puurs – Sint-Amands) can call the Hoppin power station or make a reservation via the Hoppin app. The Hoppincentrale then makes the schedule for the necessary dial-a-bus rides based on the requested bookings.

The trusted, current dial-a-buses ('flexbus') and drivers will continue to provide transport. With the pilot, De Lijn and VIA, the operator of the Hoppin power station, want to test whether the software of VIA is optimally geared to the needs of the dial-a-bus users and whether the planning of the dial-a-bus journeys runs smoothly. The start of this pilot project now also makes the phased roll-out of basic accessibility visible in the field.

For journeys from 29 November, users of the dial-a-bus Klein-Brabant can reserve their ride at the Hoppincentrale. The Hoppincentrale will be accessible from 15 November. Travelers call the free number of the Hoppincentrale or book via the Hoppin app. Reservations can be made from one month in advance to half an hour before departure by telephone, and up to 24 hours in advance via the app.

When booking, the traveler chooses the stop and the time he wants to arrive or depart. Immediately after the reservation, the traveler receives confirmation with a time window of 30 minutes around the requested time. An hour before the ride, the traveler receives confirmation of his exact pick-up time via text message, telephone or the app. You can follow the journey of your dial-a-bus live via the app.

Only the reservation and scheduling of the dial-a-buses will change. Customers are picked up by their trusted driver at their trusted stop. The rates and subscriptions of De Lijn also remain valid.

Hoppin power plant

The user books his flex transport at the Hoppincentrale. The exchange also manages the providers of flexible transport. The pilot in which the Hoppincentrale takes over the reservations and planning for the dial-a-bus from Klein-Brabant is a first, concrete step in the development of flexible transport. The Basic Accessibility Decree provides for a layered, efficient and demand-driven mobility system with simple services for the traveler. Where demand is high, supply is strengthened in a cross-linked network of core and additional network. For the pre- and post-processes and where demand is low, customization is provided via flexible transport (tailor-made transport) and with the use of subsystems.

Basic accessibility will be implemented in phases from 1 January 2023: changes will be made to the offer twice a year based on the plans that have already been approved. The adjustments for early 2023 are currently being discussed with the local authorities involved. These are limited adjustments to De Lijn's own network, without a link to flex transport.

The Hoppincentrale can be reached for questions or bookings on 0800 12 212`

photo: press service De Lijn

De Lijn is the Flemish government company that provides public transport by bus and tram in Flanders.
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