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The main cause of the historically high NEA index is the increase in energy prices.

The NEA index has become known after a day's delay due to the collective labor agreement negotiations with CNV Vakmensen. Panteia has calculated that the NEA index for healthcare and taxi transport will be 2023% in 13,7.

The two most important developments that are taken into account are the 8% increase in collective labor agreement wages as of 1 January 2023, bringing the cost development to a total of 6,8% for 2023, and the enormous increase in fuel costs in 2022, resulting in a correction of 6,9%. .XNUMX% will be carried forward for the following year.

According to the digital trade magazine Passenger Transport Magazine, the cost developments are based on established facts, such as the Collective Labor Agreement for Healthcare Transport and Taxi concluded with CNV Vakmensen, and forecasts from the Central Planning Bureau. Cost increases as a result of increased congestion have not been taken into account in the calculation of the cost development. Future cost developments that are still uncertain are also not included in the estimates.

The estimated developments of the costs in 2023 have been drawn up on the basis of the forecasts of the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) in its Macro Economic Outlook (MEV) 2023 - information provided by third parties - the national consumer price index (CPI) and the World Economic Outlook ( WEO) of October 2022.

The main cause of the historically high NEA index is the increase in energy prices. Naturally, this translates one-on-one into the fuel costs. In addition, almost all cost types have risen enormously, because energy forms a large part of the production costs. This has pushed inflation to an all-time high, resulting in wages rising substantially to meet the cost of living.

Commissioned by the Social Fund for Mobility, Panteia has made an overview of the latest average cost developments for taxi transport. The cost developments per taxi company can therefore turn out differently. The full report is online to watch.

Based on these cost developments, the average cost increase in taxi transport for 2023 is +13,7% - source Panteia
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