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The Routebureau Utrecht will be transferred to the province of Utrecht in its current form from 2023.

As of January 1, 2023, the province of Utrecht and 26 Utrecht municipalities will renew the collaboration in the Routebureau Utrecht for the management and maintenance, development, information provision and marketing for the recreational cycling, walking and sailing routes in the province of Utrecht. The Routebureau Utrecht will be transferred to the province of Utrecht in its current form from 2023.

Route office Utrecht

Since 2018, the Routebureau Utrecht has been the central point of contact for 'route-related recreation' in the province of Utrecht. With a focus on quality, uniformity and accessibility of routes, Routebureau Utrecht manages the signposted recreational route networks, including the cycle route network with cycle junctions and the signposted walking route networks. The Routebureau Utrecht is a connector between the province, municipalities, route developers, site management organisations, estate owners, marketing organizations and parties involved in recreational routes.

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Administrators of the municipalities and the province of Utrecht reconfirm the cooperation in the Routebureau Utrecht.

New organization

In recent years, the Routebureau Utrecht was an operational part of Recreatie Midden-Nederland, which is also the executive organization of the recreation boards. In connection with the imminent closure of RMN, a new form of organization has been sought, in which the cooperation between the province and municipalities remains equal and the Route Office continues to function from the same identity. As of January 1, 2023, the Routebureau Utrecht, in its current form, will be placed with the province of Utrecht.

Reaffirmation of cooperation

During the administrative consultation on November 25, 2022, the renewed covenant was signed by the recreation portfolio holders of all municipalities and by the deputy Rob van Muilekom of the province of Utrecht. With this they reconfirm the cooperation in recreational routes and the route networks for cycling, walking and boating in the province of Utrecht guaranteed for years to come.

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