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An innovative and fun way to attract new talent.

With the Big Data Challenge for IT professionals, De Lijn wants to arouse the interest of potential future candidates. From 15 September to 18 November, young and experienced professionals, students or De Lijn employees could participate in an online competition and win great prizes. An innovative and fun way to attract new talent.

De Lijn is the Flemish government company that provides public transport by bus and tram in Flanders. Approximately 3,5 million people use De Lijn's services one or more times a year. For its operation, the transport company receives a grant from the Flemish Region, the main shareholder. Ticket sales are the second source of income.

The line

The De Lijn network has approximately 1 lines and 000 stops. All in all, the buses and trams make approximately 36 million journeys per year. Its own fleet consists of 000 11 buses and 2 trams. The private companies that run on behalf of De Lijn also have their own buses. They account for half of the bus kilometres.

With almost 8 employees, De Lijn is one of the largest employers in the country. The private operators also employ more than 000 people. As the main shareholder of shared bicycles, Blue-bike, De Lijn promotes and supports combi-mobility. Travelers can combine a bus or tram ride with a shared bicycle for the last part of their journey.

photos: press service De Lijn

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