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Don't do fare fare, then there is no problem at all, even if no executive order has been issued by the minister.

The Antwerp Juvenile Court indicated that there is no legal basis to fine minors for fare fare and has overturned a fine of 81 euros for fare fare by a minor. According to the juvenile court in Antwerp, it is not the first time that a juvenile judge has annulled a fine for fare-dodging, because no executive order was issued by the minister. 

"The regulations already date from the previous legislature. At the beginning of this year, the ombudsman informed us that there was no implementing decree. We then immediately took the necessary steps to prepare that implementing decree, but it has not yet been published in the Staatsblad. We have once again asked the Staatsblad to deal with this urgently."

The court's verdict was clear. The law on which De Lijn relies states that the ministers of the Flemish government must clearly state how high De Lijn's fine may be if you do not have a valid ticket. However, the juvenile court did not find an implementation decision of the Flemish government on this.

"It is not up to De Lijn to fill in the gap that the Flemish government has apparently left on its own," it said in the verdict. “Today, there is no legal basis for De Lijn to impose administrative fines on minors for fare-dodging.”


Earlier, inspectors from De Lijn drew up an official report of 81 euros. Later, a reminder of almost 140 euros followed from a bailiff's office. The fine was appealed to the juvenile court and successfully, because it ruled that De Lijn should not have imposed a fine on her at all. 

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A fine at De Lijn can range from 20 euros to 500 euros and depends on your violation ( type 1 , type 2 of type 3 ), your age and whether you have been fined in the past 12 months.

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