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If the student lines are deleted, the school can close its doors.

The students of Curio Prinsentuin in Andel have pinned all their hopes on deputy Suzanne Otters (VVD). About two thousand people who disagree with the province, because it wants to scrap the special student bus lines from mid-2025, have signed a petition.

The province of North Brabant is working on a new tender for public transport between 2025 and 2035. In the current draft program of requirements, a large part of the school lines to Curio Prinsentuin Andel will be scrapped. The students, parents and staff of the school started a signature action to keep the school buses.

The city council and the school board of Curio are very concerned about this development. The initiators of the petition believe that the province does not realize enough what the disappearance of the school lines to Curio Prinsentuin Andel means. In addition, no reasonable transport alternative is offered and by eliminating the bus lines, a large group of students from a large area including Dongen, Oosterhout, Raamsdonksveer and Waalwijk will be denied the opportunity to experience a very pleasant secondary school time at this school.

"We have 623 students, of whom no less than 454 come to school by bus."

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Curio Prince's Garden Andel

Removing the lines means that in the future students will no longer be able to travel safely to Curio Prinsentuin Andel to follow the education of their choice. The students, parents/guardians, staff and other stakeholders of the Curio Prince Garden Andel School therefore request the province to maintain the school lines to Curio Prince Garden Andel.

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Deputy Suzanne Otters-Bruijnen (VVD) has the portfolio Mobility, Organization and European programmes. De Vughtse (50) succeeded Christophe van der Maat who had left for The Hague. The VMBO school has been providing good education to all students from the BB, KB and GL / TL learning path for years. Andel is a village in the province of North Brabant, in the region of West Brabant, and within it in the Land van Heusden and Altena region, municipality of Altena. 

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Deputy Suzanne Otters of the VVD - photographer: Marc Bolsius
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