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An accessible solution for the taxi market in Flanders without high costs.

The Eindhoven software company Censys BV has been supplying software and services to Flemish taxi companies for almost 30 years. Recently, the company also launched a handy new online portal for Flemish taxi drivers. From Roeselare to Anderlecht, or Lommel to Ostend, taxi companies use the user-friendly software on an iOS or Android phone. The software meets the online data registration obligation set by the government (Chiron). 

In recent weeks, the registrations have been increasing because colleagues have discovered among themselves that the Dutch company also helps French-speaking drivers get started and guides them through the administrative hassle to get Chiron up and running. Through a convenient registration form is Chiron operational within one working day or can you first 30 days use the software for free.

No expensive hardware or tablets in the taxi and, above all, good guidance during the connection with Chiron. These are just about the greatest assets of Censys BV, as a result of which they link new companies throughout Flanders to the government database Chiron on a daily basis.

The central system that Pitane Mobility has brought to market in Flanders makes a printer superfluous. You always have access to your trips, fleet and other data. The ticket is automatically sent to the customer. The taxi driver has a Pitane Driver app on the phone where rides can be booked or started and stopped. Electronic payments are possible and the ticket is immediately sent, shown or printed to the customer.

The new regulations for taxi drivers that are in force provide that every new license holder must pass on the trip data in real time to the Flemish Government (BVR 8 November 2019, art. 32 and 63). Every taxi ride must be registered electronically just before departure and after arrival in Chiron, the central journey database for individually remunerated passenger transport that is made available for this purpose at the Flemish Government. 

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The registration for the connection with API of the central database of the Flemish government for the real-time registration of individual taxi rides, called Chiron, is separate from the registration for new permits or a driver's pass in the Centaurus system of the Flemish government.

For more information see also https://www.vlaanderen.be/taxi
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