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In principle, service areas are located every 20 km along the main road network.

No highway is busier in terms of freight transport than the A67. All freight traffic from Spain, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom must use the A67 to transit goods to Germany or higher countries. In principle, service areas are located every 20 km along the main road network. 


Rest areas for truck drivers appear to be popular places for crime. According to the government, the A67 is a relatively unsafe road. The highway is in the Dutch top 5 in terms of fatal accidents. There are relatively many rear-end crossovers that are associated with short entry and exit lanes. This is particularly the case near Someren and Geldrop.

resting places

Hotels en route along the A67 motorway are located in Eersel – Veldhoven – Eindhoven – Geldrop – Asten and Venlo. But those are not the places where truck drivers spend the night. The lorry driver often uses rest areas. Here the driver can temporarily interrupt his journey to rest, refuel, have something to eat or drink, make a telephone call or make a sanitary stop and inspect the cargo. These are locations with facilities, such as a petrol station, roadside restaurant or locations where only parking is possible. 


However, these places are not suitable for a longer stay, for example a night or a weekend. Truck drivers who want to rest for a longer period of time can go to secure private parking spaces close to the highway. Unlike the service areas along the highway, these car parks are equipped with facilities for drivers such as a restaurant, a shower or Wi-Fi. Moreover, these are secured parking spaces, which reduces the risk of cargo theft.

Truck drivers sometimes divert to a spot along the highway, on an access ramp or on the hard shoulder. With road safety in mind, these practices lead to undesirable and even dangerous situations. To ensure that all truck drivers can rest safely, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with other parties, is looking at ways to encourage the establishment of more private, secure car parks along the underlying road network.

The service areas along the highway offer sufficient parking capacity for all drivers who want to rest for a shorter period of time. Because many drivers stay at a service area for a longer period of time, the service areas become overcrowded.

The Dutch highway A67 forms the east-west connection of the A21/E34 Antwerp via Turnhout on the border with the province of Antwerp in Belgium, via the A2 Amsterdam from Liège (Liège)(B) near Eindhoven, the A73 Nijmegen – Roermond near Venlo to the border with Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia) in Germany and further via the 40 Venlo – Duisburg (D) or the 61 Venlo – Hockenheim (D) to the German Ruhr area with the cities of Düsseldorf and Köln (Cologne).

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