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Slightly positive, but this sample may not have been representative of the flight.

A check on the waste water was carried out in Zaventem today after a Hainan Airlines plane from China landed. The waste water was checked for the presence of the corona virus. For example, they hoped to learn which variants are circulating in China.

Now that travel restrictions have been relaxed in China, the fear is good because there is a huge wave of infection there. A first lab test at the Rega Institute in Leuven of the wastewater from the toilets of the flight turns out to be positive for corona, but it does not contain as much virus as expected.

European countries are taking measures to prevent the spread of a possible new variant from dominating our health. Aviapartner, Hainan Airlines' regular baggage handler, collected the waste water with a separate truck after arrival.


From next week, the number of direct flights to and from China will double at Brussels Airport. Hainan Airlines will then put in four instead of two connections. The Chinese are going to travel en masse all over the world again, where they are extremely welcome. 

Due to the corona infection wave in China, many countries now want measures against Chinese travelers. France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States and South Korea decided this week to impose a covid test on travelers from China as corona infections explode there due to the lifting of the zero covid policy.

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It is not certain whether the sample is representative of the passengers who were on the plane.
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