"Sounds simple, but there's still a long way to go that we're going to bite into!"

NTM, the National Access Point for Mobility Data, has been supporting the technical MaaS standards since 1 January 2023. With this they help the partnership of municipalities, MaaS service providers and carriers to further develop the standards they already use. 

This makes data exchange easier and ensures that travelers can travel from A to B in a more sustainable, faster or cheaper way. In this way, the Netherlands remains accessible and liveable. “Sounds simple, but we still have a long way to go and we're going to bite into it!”, says Maryse Bücking- Information Architect at NTM. 

MaaS stands for Mobility as a Service. This is a service, for example an app, that offers the traveler a complete route from door to door. By car, train or other means of transport. Or a combination thereof, depending on the wishes of the motorist at that moment. But MaaS also makes a day out a lot easier: you take the transport that takes you to the desired place at that time.

With the involvement of the NTM in the management and development of the standards, we are taking a new step in the structural assurance of the MaaS system. We have passed the pilot phase and hopefully that will provide an extra incentive to simplify this form of mobility for travelers.

In addition, supports NTMs the Strategic Committee and is the (temporary) chairman of the newly established Change Advisory Board (CAB). This board tests the proposed changes and extensions within the standards and estimates the impact for governments and transporters.

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seven MaaS pilots

Organizing a trip is not yet possible everywhere in this way. In recent years, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has carried out seven MaaS pilots together with local authorities and partners. Including reducing congestion at the Zuidas and offering trips to Belgium or Germany from Limburg.

“MaaS gives the traveler more freedom of choice. In the MaaS pilots, we learned that it is important for the upscaling of MaaS that more public transport parties, shared mobility providers and other carriers are made accessible via MaaS apps. The use of standards ensures that parties can work together more easily and efficiently.”

NTM is working on a register to make all data standards for mobility available. The current registry now mainly contains datasets. Soon it will be possible for data providers to publish them themselves in NTM. The possibilities of the register will continue to be expanded in the course of 2023.

Photos: Maryse Bucking - LinkedIn

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