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In taxi, we have seen recovery and rapid growth in the demand for exams since this year. There is a high turnover in the sector and taxi companies are desperate for new drivers.

According to the CBR, the high demand for professional exams, including taxi, influences the reservation periods for the practical exams. That is why the required examination capacity up to and including 2027 has been looked at and the Central Bureau for Driving Skills is hiring a total of 25 new examiners for professional examinations. The first group of examiners has been trained and are already at work. The second group will have completed their education in mid-2024 and will have enough work experience to take professional exams. Recruitment and selection is ongoing for the third group.

driver shortage

For an average taxi ride from the train home, but also for organized transport such as for schools, after-school care and the elderly. Due to the driver shortage, transport companies are sometimes no longer able to meet their contractual transport obligations. For example, it regularly happens that journeys for student transport can no longer be carried out.


CBR will take a number of measures as of June 1 and September 1. They expect this to have a positive effect on the reservation periods due to better prepared candidates for the practical exam and better use of the available exam places.

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As of 1 June, reservations for practical exams can only be made through a trainer. Reservations already made by private individuals will simply remain there. After failing a practical exam the second time, a candidate can take the practical exam again after 5 weeks at the earliest. This applies to any subsequent practical exam that the candidate fails. After an exam that has been canceled due to unsafe traffic behaviour, the candidate can take the exam again after 10 weeks at the earliest. 

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As of September 1, the distribution of available exam places and the rules regarding reservations will change for trainers. The trainers have been informed about this. To be allowed to take the practical exam, the candidate must have passed the theory exam. All these measures have been discussed with the trainers' council, the Taxi sounding board group and the sector.

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