Investigations have been carried out in recent days to determine the cause.

The cause of the malfunction in the ProRail traffic control center in Amsterdam has been identified. The problem was caused by a faulty hardware component in the signal and turnout control system. The part in question has now been successfully replaced. After extensive testing over the past two days, the system is functioning properly again.

After the malfunction has been resolved, the traffic will return to the traffic control center in Amsterdam from Friday evening to Saturday night. Until then, work will be carried out from the backup location in Utrecht. During the return period, no trains will be able to run in the Amsterdam region. This situation has consequences for both travelers and carriers.

CEO of ProRail John Voppen: “Travellers and carriers suffered from Sunday to early Monday morning: train traffic near Amsterdam was cancelled. We don't want that and it didn't happen again in the days that followed. Extra effort and the switch to a fallback location offered a temporary solution. The defect itself has now also been sorted out and that is good news: we can go back to normal.”

Since Sunday 4 June, there has been a major malfunction in the Amsterdam air traffic control post, which necessitated evacuation to Utrecht. Currently, train traffic in Amsterdam and the surrounding area is still coordinated from the fallback location in Utrecht. To date, train traffic has not been affected by this situation. This gives us the opportunity to conduct thorough tests on the system in Amsterdam before resuming normal operations.

After extensive investigation, it turned out that the cause of the failure is due to a faulty hardware component. This component ensures that the software responsible for operating signals and points functions correctly. Further research is currently underway to understand how we can avoid such problems in the future.

The return to the air traffic control center in Amsterdam will take place on Friday evening 10 June. During this transition, the systems in Amsterdam will be activated and staff will be moved from Utrecht to Amsterdam. Due to the failure of the systems, no train traffic is possible in the Amsterdam region. This relocation will take place at night to limit the nuisance for train traffic as much as possible. We are doing our utmost to ensure that everything is ready so that the trains can run again on Saturday.

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impact for travelers

As a result of the relocation of the traffic control post, there will be no train traffic in the Amsterdam region from Friday evening to early Saturday morning, from midnight. This applies to both passenger trains and freight transport. NS is investigating possible alternatives, but at the moment it seems that the options available will be very limited.

NS therefore advises travelers to arrange alternative transport or, if possible, not to travel in the Amsterdam region. ProRail and NS deeply regret the situation and understand the inconvenience this entails for passengers. Efforts are being made to keep passengers as well informed as possible via the NS journey planner and the website.

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