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The prominent member of the Labor Party has often used emotional arguments to garner support for far-reaching green proposals.

In light of recent events surrounding storm Poly, European Commissioner Frans Timmermans has received his own storm of fierce criticism for his statements on climate change. At a press conference about his ambitious new green plans, he made a link between storm Poly and climate change – a claim disputed by experts.

Timmermans' comments came just an hour after police confirmed the sad news that a 51-year-old woman died in her car during storm Poly. From Brussels, Timmermans expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victim. He says the tragedy is "all about climate change," a statement that experts have received with skepticism.

The statements made by Timmermans, a prominent member of the EU, have placed him at the center of controversy. This is not the first time he has argued for strong green measures based on emotional arguments. Earlier, the PvdA politician suggested introducing a European day of remembrance for 'climate victims', an idea that is in line with his ongoing call for greater action on climate change.

Despite the constant criticism, Timmermans continues to defend his green proposals with determination. However, experts and critics are united in their doubts about Timmermans' statements and underline the need for thorough scientific substantiation in the discussion about climate change and its consequences.

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