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“We already know where work is being done, so NS can already hire all buses. A shortage of buses cannot be an excuse,” says Rover director Freek Bos.

Prorail recently announced that it would be working on the track more during the week, a decision that has generated both understanding and frustration. While the decision is understandable due to staff shortages and financial considerations, rover travel organization emphasizes the need for better replacement transportation.

Rover complains about long waiting times when using replacement buses during rail works. Director Freek Bos states that a shortage of buses cannot be an excuse for inconvenience. “We already know where work is being done, so NS can already hire all buses. Nuisance caused by railway works may not be preventable, but it can be limited.”

The passenger organization has also proposed a series of other measures to minimize disruption, such as the construction of additional bus lanes and investment in more efficient machines. In addition, the organization urges the government to make more financial resources available for the railways.

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"additional resources can be used to improve infrastructure, but also to research innovative methods to make operations more efficient and less disruptive."

The call for better planning and transport comes at a time when reports of full trains are increasing, despite a reduced timetable. Rover has called on travelers to report overcrowded trains via the reporting point full trains. It seems that Rover wants to keep a finger on the pulse as the busy autumn approaches.

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NS has announced that it will take measures by using longer trains from 4 September and by running extra IC direct trains during rush hours. This is a welcome development, especially since September is traditionally the busiest month on Dutch rail.

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