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This initiative aims to make the power of artificial intelligence (AI) more quickly accessible to a broader spectrum of passenger transport.

In 2024, Pitane Mobility, an established name in the taxi sector, is about to undergo a significant transformation. The company, known for its reliable and advanced software solutions, plans to transition to an Open Core model. This strategic move promises numerous benefits for entrepreneurs and marks a new era of growth and innovation for the company.

At the core of this strategic shift is the transition to an open source model for the basic version of the Pitane Mobility software. This means that users get access to the source code, which opens up a new world of possibilities for adjustments, innovations and collaborations within the taxi sector.

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Pitane Mobility is already taking major steps towards the future by shifting their focus to the integration and use of artificial intelligence (AI). This initiative aims to make the power of AI accessible to a broader spectrum of passenger transport. This initiative makes advanced AI technologies accessible to smaller and medium-sized taxi companies, who might otherwise not have the resources to invest in such technologies.

The introduction of the Open Core model by Pitane Mobility is a game changer for many taxi companies. It offers a unique combination of cost efficiency, adaptability, access to innovation and improved business operations, enabling taxi companies to grow and compete in the dynamic taxi industry.

Pitane Mobility's Open Core model allows entrepreneurs to use and personalize the core software for free, while also having access to premium features designed specifically for their advanced business needs. By starting with the cost-effective open source version, entrepreneurs can minimize their initial investments and still benefit from a powerful software platform.

Pitane Mobility's future looks bright, and the company is ready to take its customers on this exciting journey.

As businesses grow, they can easily upgrade to premium features that provide more advanced capabilities, such as comprehensive data analysis and enhanced customer service tools. Despite its open source nature, Pitane Mobility remains committed to providing reliable and professional support for all users, both for the open source core and for the commercial extensions.

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"After 30 years of being innovative and leading in the taxi sector, the time is right to offer the best guarantees for our customers and users. That is why we have made a well-considered choice for an Open Core model."

Customers benefit from three decades of innovation and reliability built into Pitane Mobility's software. This rich history provides a solid foundation in the open source core of the product for the taxi sector.

Using an advanced, customizable and cost-effective software platform can give entrepreneurs an edge in the competitive taxi industry.

This strategic decision by Pitane Mobility reflects its continued commitment to innovation and customer focus. By embracing the Open Core model, the company demonstrates its ability to adapt to changing market conditions and technological developments, while continuing to deliver value to its users.


Participating in an Open Core program such as that of Pitane Mobility offers numerous benefits for partners. These partners can range from technology companies and software developers to distributors and business service providers

Pitane Mobility's Open Core program offers partners a unique opportunity to broaden their business horizons, generate new revenue streams and strengthen their market position. By working with an experienced and innovative company, partners can benefit from technological expertise, comprehensive support and valuable networking opportunities.

Participating in an open source community offers opportunities for knowledge sharing and collaboration with like-minded professionals. By selling or integrating Pitane Mobility's Open Core software, partners can generate new sources of revenue. Pitane Mobility may provide training and educational resources to help our partners effectively use and promote the software.

Partners gain access to Pitane Mobility's latest open source and commercial software technologies, giving them an edge in the market. The Open Core model offers flexible and scalable business models, allowing partners to tailor their offerings to different customer segments.

Taxi companies can benefit from the latest technological developments offered by Pitane Mobility and the contributions of the open source community.

By working together with an established and innovative player like Pitane Mobility, partners can improve their competitive position in the market.


To register as a partner for Pitane Mobility's Open Core model, interested parties can present their ideas and proposals in a clear and structured manner to enable efficient assessment and collaboration.

Send an email to opencore@censys.nl and describe your experience in the sector, especially in areas relevant to the Open Core model, such as software development, IT services, taxi or transport services. Explain in the email how you plan to use Pitane Mobility's Open Core model.

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