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The Electoral Council presented the final election results to the Speaker of the House on December 1. The departing members left a Chamber that finds itself at a crossroads of change, with political dynamics bound to shift with the entry of new faces and ideas.

A remarkable Tuesday in the House of Representatives because December 5 was a moment of farewell and transition. Eighty MPs, each with their own reasons and stories, said goodbye to the Chamber after the elections of November 22. This number included 39 members who did not stand for re-election, 40 who were not re-elected despite being on the electoral list, and one member who did not return despite being re-elected.

Chamber President Vera Bergkamp took the time to personally address each departing MP, a gesture that emphasized the dignity and respect of this occasion. The farewell took place during the last plenary meeting in its current composition, a moment that symbolizes both the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in Dutch politics.

In addition to the farewell, the committee played for it Verification of Credentials a crucial role. Led by VVD MP Ulysse Ellian, the committee reported on the election results of November 22. A special mention went to the thousands of volunteers who worked on and around election day. 

The report of this committee marked the preparation for the swearing-in of the 150 elected Members of Parliament on December 6. This ceremony will not only welcome new members, but also existing members who have been re-elected will take the oath or affirmation and affirmation again. The draft profile for the future Speaker of the House will also be established.

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Photo: SGP - Kees van der Staaij

As a follow-up to the honorable farewell in the House of Representatives, in which Chamber President Vera Bergkamp played a key role, attention now turns to the future composition and the new challenges that lie ahead of the House

The role of Kees van der Staaij, retiring nestor and Member of Parliament for the Political Reformed Party (SGP), in the House of Representatives deserved special attention. Van der Staaij, known for his principled positions and his thoughtful contributions to the political debate, has left an indelible impression during his long career in the House of Representatives. As nestor of the House - a title awarded to the longest-serving member - Van der Staaij has occupied a unique position. His experience and historical perspective were invaluable in debates and discussions. 


The reasons why MPs say goodbye to the House of Representatives are diverse. A large number, namely 39 members, indicated that they would not stand for election for a new term. Forty members were on the electoral list but were not re-elected. In one case, a member did not return to Parliament despite re-election.

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