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Of course, this transition also brings challenges. For example, there are concerns about possible traffic congestion and the effectiveness of enforcement of the new speed limit.

Amsterdam is bracing itself for a major change in traffic. From Friday, December 8, the speed limit on many roads in the city will be reduced to 30 kilometers per hour. This decision comes amid increasing concerns about road safety and the well-being of city residents.

This speed reduction is a response to growing feelings of insecurity among Amsterdam residents. Research shows that approximately two-thirds of residents do not feel safe in city traffic. The city records an average of more than three serious accidents per day. With this measure, the municipality hopes to reduce the number of serious accidents by 20 to 30 percent.

The impact of this speed reduction is significant. For example, the chance of survival of pedestrians in a collision increases significantly when a car drives at 30 instead of 50 kilometers per hour. In addition, it offers drivers more time to process information and respond adequately to unexpected situations. A significant reduction in traffic noise is also expected, which will improve the quality of life in the city.

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In addition to increasing road safety and reducing noise pollution, this speed limit is also expected to have a positive environmental impact.

Preparations for this transition are already in full swing. More than 4.000 new traffic signs have been installed, currently with a sticker indicating the effective date of the new speed limit. These stickers will be removed the night before the new line enters.

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The new speed limit applies not only to cars, but also to scooters and electric bicycles. Violators run the risk of a fine. Furthermore, roads that maintain their speed limit of 50 kilometers per hour will have additional road markings for clarity. Due to the wet weather, not all road markings have yet been installed, but we are working hard to complete this as quickly as possible.

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