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The editors of Pitane Blue hope that everyone can experience a happy and healthy 2024.

The new year 2024 starts with a bang in the south of the Netherlands, despite the introduction of fireworks bans in cities such as Eindhoven and Tilburg. The ban, intended to limit the use of fireworks, appears to have had little effect on the festive spirit of residents. In Eindhoven, for example, where a fireworks ban was introduced for the first time, the night sky was still illuminated by fireworks. The city did offer an alternative in the form of a public fireworks show, which can be seen as a step towards forming new traditions. The idea of ​​a national fireworks ban still seems far away, especially since some mayors indicated that they would not strictly enforce the ban.

tax regulations

Parallel to the festivities, 2024 will also bring changes in tax regulations for entrepreneurs. An important change is the loss of tax benefits for investments in means of transport with fossil fuel engines. This also applies to hybrid vehicles, dual-fuel variants and hydrogen-powered tools. The government has implemented new state aid requirements, including a ban on the use of gray hydrogen, because it is difficult to monitor. Such tools have therefore been removed from the Environmental List.

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Photo: Pitane Blue - Taxi stand in Amsterdam

The rules surrounding electric taxis have also been tightened. Due to the decreasing additional cost of electric taxis compared to conventional taxis, the tax benefit for these vehicles will be stopped. 

A similar adjustment affects electrically powered cargo bikes, whereby the tax benefit expires if the cargo bikes are also used privately. As far as charging points are concerned: only charging points for heavy transport are still eligible for tax benefits, unlike those for lighter transport such as vans.

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