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KNV Connected Mobility offers a unique platform where companies from all segments of the mobility sector can collaborate.

The mobility sector in the Netherlands is undergoing a significant transformation with the aim of transitioning to a greener, more efficient and more demand-driven mobility structure. This change is essential to support the growth of the sector and at the same time realize social ambitions in the field of sustainability and accessibility.

In response to this need, Royal Dutch Transport (KNV), a prominent trade association in the Netherlands' transport network, has established a new association, called KNV Connected Mobility. This association will act as a platform for the integration of diverse modes of transport and the promotion of sustainable and efficient travel solutions.

The term 'Connected Mobility' refers to an integrated approach to mobility, combining technological tools such as digital platforms and mobile apps with physical transport hubs. These nodes, such as bus stops, transfer hubs and parking and charging locations (P+R), are essential for a streamlined and pleasant travel experience.

KNV Connected Mobility

The mission of KNV Connected Mobility is aimed at promoting the common interests of various mobility providers. Members include providers of Mobility as a Service (MaaS), public transport companies, healthcare and taxi transport, providers of shared mobility, and developers of transport management software. The aim is to combine the forces of these diverse parties, share their knowledge and experience, and work together on practical proposals that can accelerate the transition to an integrated mobility system.

The establishment of this association comes at a crucial time. The mobility sector is on the eve of major changes, driven by technological innovation and an increasing demand for more sustainable transport options. Within a few years, it is expected that connections between different modes of transport will become increasingly digital and seamless, which will also change traveler expectations. Companies that lag behind in this development risk becoming irrelevant in the rapidly evolving landscape.

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