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Mpact, an important supplier of car sharing company Cambio, recently fell victim to a ransomware attack.

This was confirmed by Cambio to the Belga news agency on Friday. The federal police has now launched an investigation into the incident. Mpact, formerly known as Taxistop, focuses on providing mobility solutions for people with disabilities or a low income and also provides various services to Cambio, such as telephony and parts of the accounting.

Tom Alleman van Cambio Flanders indicated that the impact on users has been relatively limited, although no concrete details were provided on the exact consequences. “Our call center is now easily accessible again,” says Alleman. He explained that only Mpact's server was affected by the attack, leaving Cambio's systems unaffected. As a temporary measure, Mpact is using an interim solution until their server is fully operational again.

A warning for visitors on the Cambio website. “Due to server problems, the call center is difficult to reach by telephone. Take into account possible longer waiting times. We apologize for the inconvenience,” the message reads. Despite these problems, Cambio's services remain available in more than 80 cities and municipalities in Flanders and the group of users is steadily growing.

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Mpact develops and offers various services, including Carpool, MobiCalendar, Minder Mobielen Centrales, house sitting and house exchange. These services are intended to make mobility more accessible to different target groups. One of Mpact's subsidiaries is Cambio, which focuses on car sharing. Mpact aims to integrate their mobility services with other transport modes, such as public transport, via multimodal nodes (mobipoints) and Mobility as a Service (Olympus Mobility).

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The attack once again highlights the importance of cybersecurity for companies that rely on digital infrastructure. Ransomware attacks have become increasingly common in recent years, with criminals holding systems hostage and demanding ransoms to restore access. Companies like Mpact, which provide critical services to a wide range of users, could experience serious disruption from such attacks.

It is still unclear how the attackers gained access to the systems of Mpact and whether a ransom has been demanded. The federal police have not yet released any further details about the ongoing investigation. The incident raises questions about the security measures companies have in place to protect themselves against cyber threats and how they respond in the event of an attack.

The attacks on companies like Mpact show how important it is to have robust security protocols and contingency plans. In addition, they underline the need for cooperation between companies and authorities to effectively tackle cybercrime and prevent future incidents.

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