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The end of a tour of 3.889 kilometers in which they visited 32 places and even the McDrive three times.

Malik Azmani, the VVD's leading candidate for the upcoming European Parliament elections, has ended his campaign with the nostalgic charm of a petrol-powered 1978 Volkswagen Campervan named Betsy. The choice of this iconic vehicle symbolized both a personal and political journey through the Netherlands for Azmani, during which he met many voters and heard their concerns and wishes for the future. “What energy I have received from all the visits, conversations, volunteers, colleagues and of course not to be missed: the blue campaign bus, which I named Betsy,” says an enthusiastic Azmani.

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Dutch voters will go to the polls for the European Parliament elections. These elections are crucial for the future representation of the Netherlands in the European Union. The European Parliament, which currently consists of 705 seats spread across 27 Member States, represents the citizens of the EU. The Netherlands currently has 29 seats in Parliament.

Although the Netherlands kicks off the European elections on June 6, not all member states vote on the same day. The election period is spread over four days, from Thursday, June 6 to Sunday, June 9, 2024. This distribution has historically been determined this way for logistical reasons and to offer each Member State the opportunity to ensure that the elections run smoothly.

In the Netherlands, polling stations are open from 7.30:21.00 am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm. These are the regular opening hours, although mobile and special polling stations may deviate from these. The voting process itself is simple and accessible, encouraging high turnout.

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After the Netherlands, where elections are traditionally held on a Thursday due to European guidelines, it will be the turn of the Irish and Czechs to cast their votes on June 7. The next day, June 8, Latvians, Maltese, Slovaks and Italians will exercise their right to vote. The other member states will follow on June 9, which will conclude the elections in Europe.

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Photo: © Pitane Blue - VVD campaign bus Betsy

Azmani's choice to travel around the country in a classic Volkswagen Camper marked a return to the basics of personal and direct politics. During his tour he visited numerous cities and villages, where he not only managed to enthuse the VVD supporters, but also appealed to new voters with his clear vision of the future of the Netherlands in Europe.

The Volkswagen T2, affectionately called 'Betsy', became a symbol of Azmani's campaign. A relic of a bygone era, the vehicle exuded nostalgia and evoked memories of a time when politics and community seemed more closely linked. Azmani's tour with Betsy was characterized by an open and approachable style, in which he was literally and figuratively close to the people.

The choice of an old-fashioned petrol car instead of a modern electric vehicle was striking. Azmani defended this choice by pointing out the symbolic value of the vehicle and the personal story behind it. The retro camper offered a direct connection with the public and underlined the personal approach that Azmani advocates.

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