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Red Devils left for Stuttgart with Trident.

The Belgian national football team, the Red Devils, left Brussels for Stuttgart this morning, in preparation for the 2024 European Championship. Brussels Airlines, proud partner of the Belgian national teams, had the honor of transporting the team. To loud applause from Brussels Airlines staff, the players and their delegation boarded the Trident plane (OO-SNO; flight SN9) around 45:1163 am.

The flight to Stuttgart marks a special moment, as this is the only time the team will use an airplane during the tournament. Within Germany, the Red Devils will travel by train. This environmentally friendly choice underlines the growing awareness within the sports world about the impact of travel on the environment.

Upon arrival in Stuttgart, around 11am, the Red Devils were welcomed at the airport and then taken to their accommodation, Schlosshotel Monrepos. Located in a peaceful and scenic area, this hotel will act as their base camp throughout the tournament. Choosing a hotel outside the hustle and bustle of the city offers the team the peace and concentration needed to optimally prepare for the matches.

The tension and expectation surrounding the European Championship are palpable, both within the team and among the supporters. The Red Devils' first match is scheduled for June 17, when they will face Slovakia. The team is determined to make a strong start and realize the nation's hopes.

In addition to the physical preparation on the field, the mental preparation is also not forgotten. The team has a tight schedule of training sessions and tactical discussions. The first training is scheduled for tonight, which will be open to the press for fifteen minutes. This gives journalists the opportunity to get a glimpse of the training methods and atmosphere within the team.

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Photo: © Brussels Airlines -Red Devils

The Red Devils' departure to Germany is an important moment in their preparation for the European Championship. The support of the Belgian fans is invaluable to the team. Brussels Airlines plays a crucial role in facilitating this trip, and their enthusiasm and support upon departure demonstrate the strong bond between the airline and the national football team.

The Red Devils have proven that they are capable of great performances in the past and expectations for this European Championship are high. The players are motivated and ready to fight for the title. The coming weeks will be exciting for both the team and the fans who support them.

With the support of their partners, thorough preparation and the tireless support of their fans, the Red Devils are ready to continue their path to success at the 2024 European Championship. The eyes of all of Belgium, and the rest of the football world, will focus on their performance in Germany.

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