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Transvision's large-scale operation shows how important a well-coordinated approach is for infrastructure works.

The rail work taking place this week between Den Bosch, Tilburg and Boxtel has a significant impact on train passengers in the region. During this period, train traffic has been completely stopped, forcing thousands of travelers to look for alternative means of transport. Transvision has set up an extensive logistics operation on behalf of the Dutch Railways (NS) to transport travelers as best as possible.

About 120 buses are used every day to transport travelers, including many double-deckers to increase capacity. The frequency of buses is particularly high, especially during peak hours. “We have ensured that a bus departs almost every minute during peak hours,” says Yannick, traffic planner at Transvision. “It is a huge operation, but thanks to strict driver instructions and additional traffic measures, everything runs smoothly.”

One of the striking measures is the temporary closure of a main road in Den Bosch, where a bus platform has been placed in the middle of the road to optimize boarding and alighting facilities. This measure was taken in collaboration with Trigion Traffic Support, a specialist in the field of traffic guidance during construction and infrastructure works and events. “We are proud of the collaboration with Trigion and all the drivers, planners and other partners who make this operation possible,” continues Yannick.

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Transvision and Trigion
Photo: Transvision and Trigion

Trigion Traffic Support has extensive experience in guiding traffic in large-scale projects. Their expertise ensures that construction companies and event organizers do not have to worry about the flow of traffic. “Our more than 1000 traffic controllers are ready every day to ensure maximum flow and optimal accessibility,” says a spokesperson for Trigion. “Reliability and safety are always our top priority, as one would expect from a market leader.”

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The collaboration between Transvision and Trigion is a textbook example of how important infrastructure work can be managed properly without compromising accessibility and safety. Travelers respond largely positively to the measures. “It is of course annoying that the train is not running, but the buses are a good replacement,” said a traveler on the temporary bus platform in Den Bosch.

In addition to the practical traffic measures, additional services and information facilities have also been deployed to support travelers as best as possible. Additional NS employees are present at various stations to inform travelers and guide them to the correct buses. Digital signs have also been installed that display the current departure times of the buses, which contributes to a smooth flow of passenger traffic.

transvision en Trigion We will continue to work closely together during the entire period of rail work to quickly resolve any bottlenecks and to ensure that passengers experience as little inconvenience as possible. “We continue to respond alertly and flexibly to the situation to ensure that everyone arrives at their destination on time,” concludes Yannick.

Transvision's large-scale operation shows how important a well-coordinated approach is for infrastructure works. The company has proven that through collaboration, planning and clear communication, even the biggest challenges in public transport and traffic management can be successfully tackled.

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