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The process to nominate Teeven started in the spring when a joint confidential committee was established.

The boards of KNV Zorgtransport & Taxi and Bus Transport Netherlands have decided to nominate Fred Teeven as chairman of both associations, as well as as chairman of KNV. This news was announced to members today by email by Carlo Cahn, director of KNV. Teeven, a former politician with considerable experience in The Hague and Brussels, was unanimously nominated by a joint confidential committee that had been looking for a suitable candidate since the spring.

Teeven's nomination must still be formally approved during the general membership meetings of both sector associations, which will take place in November. If the members agree, Teeven will then be nominated as chairman of the KNV Federation in December, which will be decided by the KNV Members' Council.

The current chairman, Bertho Eckhardt, will hand over his chairmanship in November. “Although summer has just started, I thought it would be good to inform you in advance about this presentation. I assume that I have informed you sufficiently and wish you a wonderful summer," said Carlo Cahn in his message to the members.


Fred Teeven is not an unknown name in Dutch politics. He was State Secretary for Security and Justice and member of the House of Representatives for the VVD. His background and network in both The Hague and Brussels are seen as valuable assets for the role of chairman at KNV, a federation that promotes the interests of the transport sector in the Netherlands.

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The process to nominate Teeven started in the spring when a joint confidential committee was established. This committee was tasked with finding a suitable candidate who could properly represent the interests of both sector associations. After a careful selection procedure, Fred Teeven emerged as the most suitable candidate.

During the general membership meetings in November, the members of KNV Zorgtransport & Taxi and Bustransport Nederland will cast their votes on Teeven's nomination. If this is positive, the formal nomination as chairman of the KNV Federation will follow in December. This process underlines the care and transparency with which the boards went about selecting a new chairman.

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Bertho Eckhardt
Photo: © Pitane Blue - chairman KNV Bertho Eckhardt

Bertho Eckhardt, the current chairman, has indicated that he will hand over the gavel(s) in November. His departure marks the end of a period in which he played an important role in representing the transport sector in the Netherlands. Carlo Cahn emphasized in his email to members the importance of this transition and the need to communicate in a timely manner about the intended changes within the organization.


Fred Teeven is known for his decisiveness and experience in politics. His appointment is seen as a strategic move to further strengthen the influence and effectiveness of KNV. With his extensive knowledge of political processes and his network within government, he is expected to be able to represent the interests of the transport sector in a powerful manner.

In November, the members of KNV Healthcare Transport & Taxi and Bus Transport Netherlands will not only decide on the future of their new chairman, but also on the direction in which their sector will develop. Teeven's arrival is seen as a positive step forward, with his leadership and experience will be crucial to the association's future successes.

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The intended chairmanship is not the only new gavel for Teeven. On June 25, Jan Kuipers will hand over the gavel of the Association of Approved Security Companies (VEB) to Fred Teeven. Kuipers has led the trade organization since 2014, which grew from 350 to around 950 members and partners during that period. Under his leadership, the VEB has taken significant steps in the professionalization and expansion of the security sector. With his vision and dedication, Kuipers has laid the foundation for a strong and collaborative trade organization.

Fred Teeven, who is now taking over, has been active within the VEB for some time. The association first met Teeven in 2012, when, as State Secretary for Security and Justice, he was a guest speaker during the 25th anniversary party in Slot Zeist. His commitment and passion for the security sector have since made him a trusted and respected figure within the association.

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