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  • Bicycle taxis for those who have difficulty walking

    TriVelo is a bicycle taxi service for less mobile seniors in Ghent. The drivers are a mix of newcomers and less newcomers. They are linked to each other via a buddy system and they pick up the elderly with a rickshaw. TriVelo will be tested as a pilot project for three months, to be evaluated afterwards and, if positive, to continue.

    Trivelo's bicycle taxis have been driving around in the Sluizeken-Tolhuis-Ham district since April, this summer they will be doing so throughout the city center and a large part outside it. The trio bikes are for people who have difficulty walking and are driven by volunteers, including many newcomers.

    “With the bicycle taxis we offer people who are less mobile a pleasant and sustainable way to get around. By bike you have more contact with the people around and more feeling with the city.”

    Filip Watteeuw, alderman of Mobility

    Three Trivelo bicycle taxis have been driving around in the Sluizeken-Tolhuis-Ham district since April. They transport seniors and less mobile residents of Ghent to a destination of their choice, such as the store or the doctor. Because the project is a success, the City of Ghent and Trivelo joined forces for an expansion.

    Until the end of September, the bicycle taxis also drive out in the center and a large part outside it. In total there are three trio bikes and a tandem. They have their base in the city center and pick up people within a 4 kilometer radius. Depending on availability, they will also be in the car-free area, where they will offer their services without reservation.

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    TriVelo Ghent


  • Testing offered cheaply by travel companies

    Travel industry ANVR sees that more and more Dutch people are booking a holiday abroad for this summer now that more and more countries can be traveled and the travel advice is determined per individual country. With the 'Digital Corona Certificate' (DCC) without too many restrictive measures or additional requirements, free travel within Europe is finally possible again. And if you have to be tested because you have not yet been fully vaccinated, ANVR travel companies offer these tests at a reduced rate.

    Until recently, Dutch people only dribblingly booked their summer holidays; the travel sector sees that bookings are clearly picking up, although it cannot yet be compared with the period before corona. With the abolition of the generic travel advice and the determination of individual travel advice per country, the travel sector expects that more and more holiday destinations will be given the safe designation 'yellow' or even 'green'. In an individual assessment per destination, the ANVR believes, no distinction needs to be made between countries within or outside the EU, so that a number of distant destinations can also be traveled. “It doesn't matter where you go, but how you behave. And that applies to 'young and old', only with common sense can we get and keep destinations on yellow”, according to the ANVR.   

    “Not everyone can or wants to be vaccinated when the holiday season arrives, but testing can also offer a solution. We believe, following other European countries, that a necessary test should be provided free of charge, because this measure is ultimately imposed by the government. For these tests, which you also need for your destination, we work together with, an initiative of Lead Healthcare and Care4homecare, which works according to the guidelines of the RIVM.

    Frank Oostdam, chairman of the ANVR.

    Bookers of ANVR package holidays, but also people who travel on the spec can make use of this collaboration from Wednesday 16 June 2021 and benefit from the greatly reduced rate. The travel sector, after being shut down for almost 15 months, wants to do everything it can to make travel possible again for everyone this summer; safe and responsible, reports the ANVR.

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